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C.S.Poulsen discovered her passion for writing 'fiction with a message' after she dreamed of 'a sword of death' and put it to paper in her first novella, The Insiders. She finds writing a natural extension to her eighteen-year career as an entertainer, writing award-winning music and lyrics. She spends her days writing while she cares for her ninety-nine year old Alzheimer's mother. Her second novella, The Curse of Gingrich, Christian/Horror (YA to Adult) is available now while the sequel to The Insiders is in Edit and a series for Teens is in the works. Claire is a world-traveled, single mom and attended Florida State College and University of North Florida, Jacksonville. She lives on Amelia Island with her ninety-nine year old, Alzheimer mother, seventeen year old son, two spoiled dogs and one cat with attitude. http://www.cspoulsen.info/

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Writing with A.D.D.

January 25, 2011   Writing with A.D.D.

Writing with A.D.D. is not a problem for me especially since I'm on meds. Words flow from the head to the hand. However, there is more to creating a book than writing alone and that's where the A.D.D.  stumbling blocks appear. 

For example, I decided to save money on my second book, The Gingrich Curse. I spent months learning Photo Shop and used a trial version of Adobe in Design. These two software require a process that involves a step by step mentality. By its mechanics and nature, A.D.D. is the opposite of getting small and seeing the need for a process. However, I muddled through and learned a lot.

Unfortunately, I did not learn enough, lol. I've gone through six proofs for The Gingrich Curse that I sent to Create Space. By the way, ALWAYS order a proof. Things look much different in print to the amateur eye. The last cover was the closest thing  to a real professional grade cover but  Close is not good enough for me. 

Your book cover is the  critical first impression in book stores and on line. Some of you may have that professional eye when it comes to art but I don't (yet). So, I've sent The Gingrich Curse cover to Ovi Dogar in Romania (Absolute Covers) to work some magic on it. I'm waiting to hear from him now. 

I can't say that the time spent on learning Photo Shop was a waste as now I can convey what I want with a cover and Ovi can take it from there and execute a professional version. However, while learning the programs, I did not spend enough time on honing my writing skills, which is and should be a never ending experience.  

A.D.D. doesn't let up either and trips me up again when editing. I don't care how slow I go, I'm going to miss a lot of errors. I found that if I put the book down for a week and go back, I can find more. So "easy does it" has become my motto.

For those of us who haven't had our big hit yet and have limited income, paying a real editor may not be possible. In that case, have a friend who reads a lot help out...more than one if possible. Trade editing with another writer as it is both a blessing to help and another way to learn. It will improve your own editing skills. Always remember,  Give your work a "last" scan more than once before you publish...edit, edit, and edit. Now watch this blog have a plethera of errors, lol.

I'm dreading one more area.....marketing. Aaaarrrrrgggghhhhhhh. Why can't we just sit and write? Because we won't make a monetary income if we do. I never liked sales. I spent eighteen years as an entertainer and had to sell myself to book gigs. At 59, I thought those days were over. However, to get my book out there, I have to get myself out there.

Right now I care for my ninety-nine year old Alzheimer mother 24/7 and she is on hospice care. Until she passes, I'm unable to put myself out there. However, a book festival will take place on my island next month. (Amelia Island) I missed last years as Mom was in the hospital. I refuse to miss this years and trying to make arrangements now. It's time I step out into the world of authors no matter what roadblocks are thrown at me.

I feel frustrated when the beast of A.D.D. rears up. People with normal brains don't realize how good they have it. Would I exchange my I.Q. for an average but unafflicted brain? I don't know. They probably have their problems too but maybe they don't know it, lol?

Life is good as I finally know that my passion is writing.....I can name the beast, take what medications  are available, and at this point in my life, utilize my ability to persevere and progress. When it comes to A.D.D. or any obstacle, I try to remember it's all about progress not perfection.

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